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Wyoming PD strikes Twitter gold again with Justin Bieber threat

Wyoming PD is making a habit of becoming a Twitter sensation.

The tweeters extraordinaire at the Wyoming Police Department struck gold again on Sunday night.

The department is building a national reputation for acting very unlike the police – while still getting across serious messages – on its Twitter account.

It hit the headlines in October when it got involved in an unlikely but good-natured online spat with Denver Police over the performances of their respective football teams. (Wyoming PD talked a big game about the 5-0 Vikings, only to ultimately be let down.)

And this continued over Thanksgiving when it warned drivers: "Do NOT drive drunk. I will find you. I will arrest you. I will make you listen to One Direction cover bands on the way to jail." This tweet got more than 6,500 retweets.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the PD had arguably its most successful tweet yet, with another drunken driving-related threat – this one concerning the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial starring Justin Bieber.

It's gotten almost 10,000 retweets as of Monday evening for a police department in a town of fewer than 8,000 people.

On a serious note, drunken driving is a real issue. Especially during the day of the big game.

Last week, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said an average of 164 people are arrested for drunken driving on Super Bowl Sunday. That averages out to about 3.7 arrests per hour, on par with New Year’s Eve (3.9) and Thanksgiving (3.7).

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