A year since his death, here are 5 Prince videos you might not have seen

Ever wanted to hear Prince do a southern accent? This is the place.

While Minnesota mourns a year since the death of its favorite son, GoMN has been scouring the internet (well, YouTube) to find some hidden gems featuring the Purple One.

Now we've already proved (yes, proved) why Prince was the greatest guitarist of all time earlier this week, so this time we've tracked down some non-live performance clips for your viewing pleasure.

So prepare for some piano riffing in an empty stadium, hanging out with the Muppets as a country farmer, and flinging his jacket into a crowd of screaming fans.

Piano in an empty stadium

There are plenty of videos out there showing Prince rehearse for shows, but this one's cool because you get a real close-up of the megastar as he casually plays "Summertime" on the piano, and also because he's doing so in front of a massive, cavernous empty stadium in Osaka, Japan.

Hoo Haw with The Muppets

Prince made several appearances on The Muppet Show, including this one from 1997 when he was known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. We picked this one in case any of you wanted to know what Prince sounded like affecting a southern accent – it's pretty good.

Mad rush after surprise return to stage

The concert was long over in Copenhagen in 2010, the lights were on and roadies were taking down the equipment when Prince decided to return to the stage to play a little bonus set – cue a mad rush of people halfway out the door as they headed back to the stage.

A sudden, joyful run to see screaming fans

A global star in 1986, 28-year-old Prince agreed to go on a blind date with the winner of a radio contest, which brought the Purple One to Sheridan, Wyoming, for a date with 20-year-old Lisa Barber at the premiere of Under the Cherry Moon. The best bit in this video starts at the 1-minute, 2-second mark when Prince cuts an interview short after landing in Sheridan to go sprinting over to the hundreds of screaming fans behind fencing at the airport, throwing one of them his coat.

'Prince: In concert, perfectly free. On record: slave."

In 1995, amidst his famous dispute with Warner Bros. that saw him refer to himself first as his famous glyph and then The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, the Purple One accepted a Brit Award (the U.K. award) with the word "Slave" written on his face. His acceptance speech consisted pretty much of him saying: "Prince: In concert, perfectly free. On record: slave."

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