Yep, that's snow in the forecast for later this week

Right now there's just a chance for snow.

There's a chance for accumulating snow later this week. 

Yep, you read that correctly. Winter is coming, and there's nothing we can do about it. 

The National Weather Service in Duluth says northern Minnesota could see "accumulating snowfall" as early as Thursday night. 

But, as of right now, it's still just a chance for snow. The National Weather Service's forecast discussion Monday morning said the cold air that's coming in from the northwest later this week could produce a few inches of snow for some people from Thursday night into Friday morning. 

However, the weather service adds it's "not going to get too overly excited about this since there are several major weather features between now and then" that could change the forecast. 

Here's a look at what the forecast has to say for a few Minnesota cities later this week: 

  • In Minneapolis, there's a "chance" for snow before 9 a.m. on Friday. 
  • In Moorhead, there's a "chance of snow" after 9 p.m. Thursday. 
  • In Duluth, snow is "likely" after 1 a.m. Friday. 
  • In Rochester, a "chance of snow showers" before 10 a.m. Friday. 

When do we get our first snow?

Our first accumulating snowfall could be any day now, according to weather records. 

Here's a look at the average first measurable (one-tench of an inch) and 1-inch snowfalls around Minnesota

  • International Falls: First measurable snowfall is Oct. 20. First 1-inch snowfall typically happens on Nov. 1. 
  • Duluth: First measurable snowfall happens by Oct. 24. First 1-inch snowfall typically happens on Nov. 4. 
  • Fargo-Moorhead: First measurable snowfall is Oct. 31. First 1-inch snowfall typically happens Nov. 14. 
  • Twin Cities: First measurable snowfall is Nov. 2. First 1-inch snowfall typically happens by Nov. 16.

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