Yep, this cold weather isn't going anywhere

Single-digit highs next week. Brr.
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Winter is sticking around for a while.

The forecast is calling for single-digit and below-zero highs in Minnesota next Tuesday, thanks to a core of Arctic air that'll settle over Canada, the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities tweeted.

And this cold air is expected to stick around through at least Thursday, the National Weather Service says.

But first, there'll be snow

The Twin Cities have seen some flurries over the past few days (nothing compared to the nearly a foot of snow northwestern Minnesota was hammered with Monday into Tuesday), but a more "potent" weather system this weekend could bring some plowable snow to the area, the weather service says.

Some weather models are indicating the southern third of Minnesota will see the most snow, with amounts in the 4-8 inch range by Sunday morning.

And the more snow we get, the colder it will be next week, the weather service adds. So get ready to bundle up!

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