Yet another award-winning restaurant to close down in Minneapolis

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It seems that winning awards and the praise of the culinary community aren't always enough to meet the bottom line on the Twin Cities restaurant scene.

The latest casualty of this tough reality is Brasserie Zentral, which has won heaps of recognition since it opened in 2014. A somber Facebook announcement from the restaurant indicates that Saturday, Jan. 16, will be its last day in business:

In the Soo Line building in downtown Minneapolis, the eatery was one of several restaurant projects from owners Russell and Desta Klein; others include the Foreign Legion wine bar, which will stay open, and the former Café Zentral, which was sold, according to City Pages.

The website describes Brasserie as "Austrian-influenced."

According to Brasserie, the Star Tribune recognized it as Restaurant of the Year, while MSP Magazine declared it "A Best New Restaurant 2014," and reviewers at Heavy Table and other websites gave it four-star reviews.

But according to Eater, the Kleins said in a statement that "these past few years have been some of the most competitive and difficult our industry has ever faced," and though Brasserie Zentral won serious praise in that tough environment, it "never achieved the financial success necessary to continue operating."

Indeed, other highly praised, award-winning restaurants in the metro have also had to call it quits lately, perhaps most notably the celebrated La Belle Vie in Minneapolis, which recently shut down after two decades in business.

This, despite its having been called the "most important" restaurant in the city at one time.

And, as City Pages points out, there are other more such recent casualties, including Vincent’s and Origami.

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