'YMCA' act called offensive, pulled from Fargo school talent show

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A Fargo elementary school decided to pull the Village People's "YMCA" song from its May talent show after a parent said it was offensive to dress up like American Indians, according to reports.

Forum News says a first grade teacher at Bennett Elementary School asked parents to have the kids dress up like the American disco group – a cowboy, a biker, a construction worker, a cowboy, a solider and an American Indian – and sing the ever-popular "YMCA."

But Elaine Bolman, a mother of one of the students, said having them dress up as American Indians is offensive.

“I'm not in a position to do anything for these educators and hopefully those people that are can make the right choices so all students of any culture and race won't feel singled out or like their race is being stereotyped against," Bolman told WDAY.

The talent show was scheduled for May 6, according to the school's website.

This isn't the first time dressing as an American Indian has been deemed offensive. In 2011, a group of Ohio University students created a poster campaign condemning what they called racist Halloween costumes. One poster featured a person dressed as an American Indian.

In 2013, the University of Minnesota asked students to wear respectful Halloween costumes after students had complained about outfits that had stereotyped American Indians.

Some University of North Dakota students have also taken a lot of heat lately. Just this week, a group of UND students were criticized for wearing "Siouxper Drunk" t-shirts, which featured an Indian chief logo, similar to the retired UND Fighting Sioux logo, drinking from a beer bong.

A sorority at the school was also criticized this spring for displaying a banner that was called insensitive to American Indians.

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