You betcha! Common midwest sayings that others don't get


Movies, plays and books have all poked fun at it. Whether it was "Fargo" or "How to Talk Minnesotan" we in the state can't deny that we have our own way of speaking.

While many of us in Minnesota get annoyed by the stereotype there certainly is some truth to certain phrases or words we use rather commonly that leave others saying, "Uff da!"

To prove it, you could travel to New York, Texas, California or anywhere outside of the Midwest and try to order a "pop." Unless you feel like getting punched though, just reading the rest of this might be easier.

Business Insider has compiled a list of sayings we use in the Midwest that others around the country don't get. The whole list isn't native to just Minnesota but several we use every day appear.

"Dontcha know" that "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" made the list. The rest of the country may know the game as "Duck, Duck, Goose," but there's only one way to play it in Minnesota.

With winter getting close we will soon be reminded that some of those commutes can be "slow as molasses can be in January." If you end up in the ditch during said commute, its "tough tomatoes."

Perhaps you are a pet owner, and have caught yourself using "Oh for cute." Or maybe you have used "Oh for fun" when describing a night out with friends. Of course maybe you or that friend had one too many and became "schnookered."

Or perhaps after reading this you are so annoyed you feel like screaming "For crying out loud." Well congratulations one of your expressions has also made the list!

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