You can Boomerang from inside Instagram now

Get some sweet Boomerangs in your Instagram story.

You can get your Boomerang on from right within Instagram now.

An update last week added a Boomerang camera option for when you're taking Stories videos, Instagram announced on its blog. Swipe right to get to the Stories camera. Here's (a cropped version of) what it'll look like.

If you don't use Boomerang, first off it's a ton of fun so you should get it. It lets you take a short video, and then plays it back and forth, on repeat. So you can get some really cool/creative visuals, like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Unfortunately, the Instagram update doesn't have Boomerang built in for regular old Instagram posts – to do that, you still have to open tbe Boomerang app separately, then share it through Instagram.

More updates to Stories

Instagram made a couple more upgrades to its Stories feature as well.

You can now tag people – when you add text to your visual, start with the @ sign and you'll see user names to pick from. Other people will see that user name underneath your post. You also get a notification if someone else tags you in a post.

And the app is even testing links within Stories. Verified people or brands will have the option to include a link, which will show up for users under a "See More" banner at the bottom of a post.

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