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You can buy this Lake Superior rock for only $50M ... 🤔

The seller says it might be some ancient tool.

If you're going through Craigslist and looking at things for sale in Minneapolis, you might come across this rock.

It's no ordinary rock: it's a $50 million one.

According to the seller, it's an "ancient rock tool?" The question mark is part of the listing.

The seller claims to have found the rock along Lake Superior around 15 years ago. Prior to that, nothing is known about the rock's history.

"It fits perfectly in my hand as if I could use it as a hammer or grinder," the post explains. "It feels good and natural when I hold it, almost like it was designed to fit the hand so that I (sic) could be used as a tool."

The post includes a whole bunch of pictures showing how smooth the rock is and how well it fits in the seller's hand (it actually fits really well). You can look at all 12 pictures here.

The seller says "my guess is that it was made a long, long time ago so that it could be used as a tool."

Perhaps it was. We're not rock experts. We just wanted to let you know there's a super expensive rock for sale.

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