You can pay with a REDcard and use coupons all within the Target app now - Bring Me The News

You can pay with a REDcard and use coupons all within the Target app now

The retailer's app now includes Wallet – here are the new features it offers.

The Essentials

– Target will now let you pay in-store (including with your REDcard) and apply coupons just by showing your phone.

An update to Target's app Monday brought a new feature called Wallet. Wallet lets you pay and use coupons – weekly deals and Cartwheel discounts – with just one scan of a barcode. It's also the fastest way to check out, Target says.

– The new "Wallet" tab appears at the bottom of the app. In that section, you'll see a barcode with the ability to add a REDcard, look at coupons, and explore Cartwheel offers (which you still have to add manually).

The Big Picture

This feature has been in the works for months.

Despite early success with the standalone Cartwheel, the retailer eventually found itself in the awkward position of having two apps (Target and Cartwheel) that each did separate things.

This was more confusing than it was helpful for shoppers, so the Bullseye combined them into a single app experience earlier this year – killing Cartwheel altogether, so now everything lives within the Target app.

At that time, the company promised the integration of REDcards and the ability to pay at the register with a phone. 

Sean Murphy, the company's VP of digital product, in a blog post back in June said: "We’ve heard one thing loud and clear from guests: 'Keep making it easier.'"

One nifty little feature with the Wallet update? When you click that tab, your screen auto-brightens – presumedly so the person at the checkout can scan your barcode without you having to manually adjust the brightness.

The next step will be to allow shoppers to add and use gift cards to the Target app.

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