You can reserve a parking spot at Mall of America for a small fee

No more driving around looking for a spot.

Sick of circling the ramp trying to find parking at Mall of America? Well, now there's an app for that. 

You can reserve a parking spot right by the main entrance to the mall through the app MyPark. 

The service became available at Mall of America on Oct. 26, with the company saying premium parking spots are available in both the East and West parking garages. 

The app will let you reserve a spot immediately or up to six months in advance, which could come in handy when doing your holiday shopping. 

Currently, the app is only available at 20 of the mall's parking spaces – 10 in the West ramp and 10 in the East ramp, KSTP says. But a lot of people have already taken advantage of it, with the Star Tribune noting more than 350 people have made reservations using the app and they've already got some people who've reserved spots for Black Friday shopping. 

Mall of America is the first mall in the Midwest to get MyPark, but the company says it plans to expand to more malls in the Twin Cities, KSTP adds. 

How it works

All you have to do is download the MyPark app on your phone (here's a link for Android, and click here if you have an iPhone), register via Facebook or your email, and enter your credit card information. 

Then search for Mall of America (or any other MyPark eligible location), choose the day and time you want to go and click reserve. 

You'll get an email 15 minutes before your reservation to tell you which spot is yours. 

When you get to your space, hit "let me in" on the app and the robotic arm that's saving your space will lower to let you park. Head into the mall and stay as long as you want – the app will keep track of how long you're parked, so you don't have to worry about overpaying or not leaving in time. 

It costs $6 for up to two hours, plus $3 for every additional hour. But there is a promo code for first-time app users – just type in MYPARK1 to try it for free. 

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