You didn't imagine it – Starbucks increased some prices

And just when the Pumpkin Spice Latter hit the menu.

Starbucks hiked the price of its coffee (and some food items) this week, the same day the much beloved/maligned Pumpkin Spice Latte returned.

Consumerist was one of the first to point this out, saying Starbucks customers around the country were suddenly faced with more expensive brewed coffee, pricier espresso drinks, and higher prices for a couple food items.

Not every store saw the same increases. 

A spokesperson for Starbucks told GoMN that "most Minnesota stores" got a price jump of 15-20 cents on Grande and Venti brewed coffee starting Tuesday, Sept. 5.

No other beverages got a price jump at those Minnesota locations though, the spokesperson said.

In addition, the bacon gouda breakfast sandwich is now 20-30 cents more expensive, as are cookies. 

The exact cost can fluctuate from location to location, the spokesperson noted, saying it's done "to balance business needs while continuing to provide value to our loyal customers." 

You can check the price of something at a specific Starbucks through the Starbucks app, apparently. And the chain has its rewards program and other deals that help balance the business/customer needs, the spokesperson said.

As Consumerist reports, Starbucks has bumped up prices the three previous years as well.

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