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You might recognize yourself in these new Go-GURT ads

New ad campaign has clever take on 'juvenoia.'

It's probably no surprise that poking fun at "juvenoia" – the universal fear that any group of people younger than you is destroying the planet, or something – makes for a great ad campaign.

But the brand cashing in on this pervasive psychological phenomenon – with great effect, by the way – is not one you'd expect. 

Somewhat ironically, it's Minnesota's very own Go-GURT, a popular kids' snack from General Mills.

The new series of ad spots, which focuses on "Tim and Charlie," a pair of fourth-graders, is getting attention from the advertising community for its cute (and hilarious) take on early-onset juvenoia. 

Have a look for yourself, and see if you don't suddenly feel self-conscious about your age-related griping:

And then there's this decidedly "meta" one, which shows the characters interacting with a YouTube feature each and every one of us is familiar with:

The ads are pitching Go-GURT's new "EZ Open" packaging, which, in Tim and Charlie's view, is proof that today's kids are getting soft and spoiled. 

AdWeek says General Mills came up with the new feature "after fielding 17 years’ worth of complaints about hard-to-open yogurt containers from kids and parents alike." 

And the ads themselves, the publication observes, "are aimed right at mom and dad." 

In a glowing review of the campaign, The Minneapolis Egotist called them "the best ads you'll see today."

They're the work of Erich & Kallman, an advertising agency in San Francisco. 

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