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You'll be able to get a Real ID license next year, DPS says

And Gov. Dayton asked for an extension, so hopefully we can use our IDs to get through airport security.

There's now a timeline for when you'll be able to get a Minnesota driver's licenses that's compliant with Real ID.

Right now, because we aren’t compliant, we can not use our driver’s licenses to get into some government facilities. And starting next January, our licenses won’t be enough to get through security at the airport; you’ll need another approved ID, like a passport.

But the Minnesota Legislature passed a bill this week that would allow the state's driver's licenses to get up to federal standards, and on Thursday Gov. Mark Dayton signed it into law.

This means the state Department of Public Safety's office of Driver and Vehicle Services (the agency that issues driver's licenses) can start working on making our driver's licenses meet federal requirements.

The Real ID-compliant licenses will be available no later than Oct. 1, 2018, DPS says. So there's really nothing you need to do until the new IDs become available, unless it's time for you to renew your licenses (you can read all about that here).

What about using our IDs at airports?

Real ID licenses won't be available before the Jan. 22, 2018, deadline for when regular Minnesota driver's licenses will no longer be good enough to get through airport security.

But, there's a pretty good chance the federal government will give Minnesota an extension.

Gov. Dayton requested one on Friday. In his letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Dayton said Minnesota is now able to implement Real ID (previous extension requests were denied because of that reason), so Minnesotans should be able to use their current licenses "for all federal purposes, while we complete the steps necessary" to start issuing Real ID-compliant licenses.

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