Young MN chef to join First Lady for lunch after creating salad recipe

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At the tender age of 9, Minnesota's Alexandra Steele will pay her first visit to the White House on Thursday, by invite of the First Lady.

The reason? The youngster has created a recipe that was selected to represent Minnesota at the fifth annual Kids' "State Dinner."

Her submission, "Alexandra's Refreshing Watermelon Salad," is a mixture of watermelon, cilantro, spring greens, red grapes, walnuts and feta cheese, according to the "Kids' 'State Dinner' Cookbook."

She was among the winners of this year's "Healthy Lunchtime Challenge" that led to the White House invite, which saw chefs aged 8-12 asked to create "an original lunch recipe that is healthy, affordable and tasty."

You can find her recipe in the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge cookbook.

"Alexandra was given a gift of a cast iron skillet," her mother, Brianna, says in the book. "Upon the realization that anything is possible with cooking and understanding the limitless potential of creating healthy foods that are fulfilling to the senses and the soul, she has expanded her cooking talents to include the artistic, nutritious creation of salads!"

"Alexandra’s salad was created the day that her grandmother gave her a fresh watermelon," she added. "She quickly got busy creating this tantalizing salad that got rave reviews from her family!"

She will join 55 other chefs who won in the 49 other U.S. states, five territories and the District of Columbia, along with First Lady Michelle Obama for a healthy lunch that features some of the winning recipes, according to the White House.

They will then head out to the South Lawn to visit the White House Kitchen Garden.

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