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Young stowaway back with parents, no longer under court supervision


The young boy who evaded security at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and hopped a Delta flight to Las Vegas has been released from court oversight and is back with his parents.

The Hennepin County Attorney announced that a final court hearing for the boy was held Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court.

At the hearing, the judge ended the court's jurisdiction, noting the boy had been living with his parents and siblings since May 30 and that he had made good progress. The boy's parents had been cooperative with social workers and outside help as well, he said.

The boy will continue to get various counseling services through the family’s insurance.

“This is good news,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in the statement. “The young man and his family and the ‘system’ worked together to try to resolve the issues that made him run in the first place. Congratulations to all.”

The boy was 9 years old when he managed to get on the Oct. 3 flight without a ticket, but flight attendants became suspicious at one point and arranged to have authorities pick him up in Las Vegas.

He was returned to Minnesota, and a Child in Need of Protection or Services petition was filed in juvenile court. He was then kept in foster care as he and his parents received counseling.

A few days after the incident, the boy’s father admitted to struggling with his son's behavior and claimed that he had asked for help handling his son. However, he also holds the airport responsible.

“How would you let a 9-year-old child go through security check without stopping him and questioning him? How can that be?” he said.

Two days before the airport scheme, the 9-year-old stole a commercial truck from a Minneapolis business and took a 9-mile joyride, damaging ten other vehicles along his path and eventually crashing into a police squad car.

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