Yours for $5,000: Family to sell entire contents of their house before move overseas


The saying "everything but the kitchen sink" has rarely been more apt.

Nick and Erin Leitheiser are moving from Minneapolis to Denmark in a week's time with their two young children, and suddenly find themselves with a houseful of furniture to sell.

In order to empty their house as quickly as possible, the pair are selling everything they have left as a package deal for $5,000 on Craigslist, according to City Pages.

A couch and sectional, a brand new kitchen island, a queen mattress, a dining room table and eight chairs, and a chest freezer are among the items up for grabs on their posting.

So are the contents of their garage and garden, which includes a gas and charcoal grill, garden furniture, a pressure washer, stepladders and a collection of yard tools.

"It definitely feels a little weird, literally selling our house and 95 percent of everything we own, but it's an adventure, right?" Nick Leitheiser told City Pages.

"There's something really great about the notion of starting over in a new country, with a new apartment and new things. It's refreshing, in a way."

The people buying the Leitheisers' house backed out of a deal to buy the place furnished, leaving the couple just days to find a new home for their worldly possessions.

They will be taking applications until Thursday, and the successful bidder must have everything moved out of the house by 7 p.m. on Saturday.

The Leitheisers suggest that the buyer could make a decent profit from their possessions by selling them separately – a luxury they can't afford because of their impending departure.

"If even just the big pieces were sold individually, you could easily re-coup twice your investment. Honestly, we've spend almost that much on a couch!", they say on Craigslist.

To ship or to sell?

The cost of moving furniture to outside of the U.S. varies depending on how much you want to move, where you're moving to and which companies you use.

For those moving to Europe, sending your possessions in a shipping container across the Atlantic Ocean can sometimes set you back more than $10,000 in extreme cases, according to

Furthermore, you could end up paying to get the furniture to the container in the first place, have customs duty to pay upon arrival, and face a wait of weeks for the furniture to actually arrive.

In the Leitheisers' case, the money they'll save by not shipping, coupled with what should hopefully be the proceeds of their furniture firesale, should give them a decent wedge to furnish their home in Copenhagen.

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