YouTube hasn't said if it will take down rap video filmed in high school

The video has gotten nearly 67,000 views since being posted.

Local rapper P. Skud managed to film his new music video at his old high school gym – North Minneapolis' Patrick Henry. But now the Minneapolis School District is lobbying YouTube to have the video taken down due to the song's mature content.

According to the Star Tribune, Skud and his associates managed to rent the high school's gym for $300 on November 20, under the pretense that they were shooting a "basketball promotion." Gail Plewacki, the district's spokeswoman, told the paper that the district feels "tremendously misled," and asked YouTube to remove the video.

Dirk Tedmon, at the district's Office of Communication, told GoMN that YouTube has acknowledged the district's request, but has not reached a decision yet.

Skud wasn't really quiet about the whole thing online. One of his many photos from the video shoot was posted two weeks ago, clearly shows the Patrick Henry gym, and is captioned in part with: "new video coming soon"

YouTube's support page gives three main avenues to having a video removed: a privacy or harassment complaint, a defamation complaint, and a copyright complaint, all of which involve submitting information to YouTube via a web form.

YouTube says a defamation case would likely require legal action on behalf of the school district, as YouTube is "not in a position to adjudicate the truthfulness of postings," and as such will not remove a video "due to allegations of defamation."

And who is P. Skud?

P. Skud, real name Lavern Jamison Jr. according to a post on his Instagram, has been active on YouTube and since 2014.

But the Patrick Henry video, entitled "Keep Me Going," is far and away his most popular release. The video has racked up almost 67,000 views on YouTube since its release last Friday, which is roughly 40,000 more than Skud's previously most successful release.

The popularity bump is likely due to a guest verse from Chicago rapper Lil Bibby, who has more than a million Instagram followers and a similarly lofty listen count on his most recent release Free Crack 3.

Skud had released a Bibby-less version of the song in February of 2016 and got barely 1,000 views. The most watched iteration of "Keep Me Going" online is an abbreviated Facebook video solely consisting of Bibby's verse.

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