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'You've got mail' – and he's got a gig as an Uber driver

Meet Elwood Edwards – the voice of AOL and '90s computer technology, and an Uber driver.

You've heard the "You've got mail" AOL notification probably a million times in your life without even realizing it.

It was done by a man named Elwood Edwards, who in 1989 recorded the catchphrase (and three others) on a cassette in his living room.

And now Edwards, the voice of '90s computers technology, apparently drives an Uber in Ohio:

This was posted to Twitter by Brandee Barker, a former Facebook PR person and co-founder of a Silicon Valley firm called The Pramana Collective. She learns Edwards is her driver, has him do the "You've got mail" thing, and gets super excited.

CNN says Edwards recently retired from working at a a local news outlet in Cleveland.

Edwards also has five acting credits to his name – including an uncredited role in You've Got Mail.

Here's his signature call:

AOL, by the way, had 26.7 million subscribers back in 2002. That's since dwindled to about 2.15 million in 2015 – many of them still on dial-up internet, Quartz said.

But AOL still lives on as a content publisher – it owns the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, and more.

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