Dallas + Thanksgiving + Moss = 'bad memories' for Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer was calling the defensive plays that couldn't stop Randy Moss in 1998.

Ask a Vikings fan their favorite positive memory from 1998 and there's a really good chance they'll say it was watching Randy Moss kill the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

"Those are bad memories," Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said when reporter Sam Ekstrom asked him what it was like facing Moss in 1998.

Zimmer was the Cowboys defensive coordinator then. As good as Zimmer is, he had no chance of stopping Moss that day.

Moss, a rookie in '98, had three catches that day and all of them were 50-plus-yard touchdowns.

"Pat, you knew they were going to do it," announcer John Madden said to Pat Summerall. "The fans knew they were going to do it. The Dallas Cowboys knew they were going to do it. You knew they were going to do it early, where Randall Cunningham just gets that ball and he chucks it deep to Randy Moss."

"Obviously he was a terrific player and that one Thanksgiving Day game he tore us up pretty good," Zimmer recollected Tuesday. "They were a good football team, the Vikings were, and they took it to us pretty good."

You can relive that entire game right here.

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