10 oddly unforgettable Minnesota Twins images


It's a two-fer.

Not only is it the Twins opener, but it's April Fool's Day. To celebrate, here are 10 odd images/events from Twins history that we just can't get out of our heads...

10) We never want to see this again:

9) Is it Zoilo or Zorro? Typo!

8) Brian Harper, we've come a long way, baby:

7) The stance is perfect, but that does not look one iota like Rodney Cline Carew. Sorry, has to be said:

6) Worst. Mascot. Ever. And could we pop for a real bat? (But excellent penmanship.)

5) Dear Mr. Espinoza: The Hubble Space Telescope wants its lenses back:

4) We could watch this every single day. It's Kent Hrbek assaulting Target Field:

3) Powder blue. Terrible. But strangely, we still pine away for its comeback.

2) The Killer..pops out? On a baseball card? Burn the negative..

1) Yeah, we know...enough is enough...

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