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10 things Vikings fans took away from Super Bowl 46

Outlandish Super Bowl XLVI connections to the Vikings? We got 'em, right here...

There's not very much that connects the Minnesota Vikings to Super Bowl 46, except for the fact that it was played in a domed stadium in the Midwest. But that won't stop us from making any preposterous connection we can get our hands on. In fact, here are 10 (or more):

1) Future hall-0f-famer Chris Doleman is shown during the coin toss. And let the paranoia begin with this Tweet: "Y'all know I hate the Super Bowl? PA announcer couldn't even pronounce Chris Doleman's name w/o stumbling. How anti #Vikings is this game?" Oh, and by the way...why the heck didn't Cris Carter get into the Hall? Who votes on this stuff?

2)Michele Tafoya on the Super Bowl sidelines. Does anyone in Minnesota ever stop to consider how meteoric her sports career has been? She's done well.

3) Saddest Tweet of all time: "When I watch the #SuperBowl, I imagine that one of the teams is the #Vikings. That seems to be the only way they'll ever get there."

4) Vampire commercial. Reminds us that the Vikings .. uh.. sucked this year.

5) Elton John Pepsi commercial inspires this Tweet: "FlavaFlav's helmet will be the only sign of #Vikings in this #SuperBowl."

6) Safety called on Tom Brady opens scoring at 2-0. First time that happened? Super Bowl IX when Francis Asbury Tarkenton fell on a ball in the end zone, making it 2-0 Pittsburgh over the Vikings.

7) Twelve men on the field penalty? There are Vikings ghosts everywhere!

8) Predictions: Chris Kluwe picked New England. Wrong. Fran Tarkenton picked the Giants. Right. Fran is the man.

8a) Why haven't the Vikings managed to hire the awesome Tony Dungy for anything of importance?

8b) Halftime, and the funniest Tweet so far: "The #Vikings are performing at #halftime."

9) Yeah, yeah, yeah...Viking-like gladiators escorted Madonna to the field at the half. However: She can't touch the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show from 1992, the Winter Magic zinger staged at the Hubert. H. Humphrey Metrodome:

10) Those Volkswagon Star Wars ads? A reminder that the last Vikings appearance in the big game was a long time ago in a Rose Bowl far, far away:

Bottom line? After losing to the Giants, the Patriots now join the club of four. As in four Super Bowl losses, shared by the Bills, Broncos ... and the Vikings.

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