10 Years Since The Playoffs: February 15

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This is pretty straight forward Wolves faithful.

We don’t remember what it’s like to be a part of the NBA playoffs anymore, so in this continuing series, we’ll live vicariously through the 2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves, most likely once a week.

The last time we checked in, Minnesota was beating the Orlando Magic behind 75 combined points from Sam Cassell, Latrell Sprewell, and Kevin Garnett. The win was the Wolves 21st in their previous 25 games.

In the current day and 10 years ago on this day, the All-Star Game arrives, and back in '03-'04, it had a decidedly Minnesota flavor thanks to the Wolves winning 24 of their previous 30 entering the break.

WEST 136, EAST 132: The Western Conference, with Minnesota head coach Flip Saunders coaching the team, tops the East in what turned into a dunk fest early and often, like every All-Star Game seems to.

Saunders was named the coach of the West for leading the Wolves to the best record in the conference at the unofficial halfway point, something that is customary of the showcase.

As you could see, it wasn't the flashiest of games for Garnett or Cassell, both of whom represented the Wolves 10 years ago today, but KG racked up 12 points in 29 minutes while Cassell dished out a team-high seven assists in just 14 minutes.

The MVP of the game would be Shaquille O'Neal, succeeding Garnett as MVP, and blips on the radar screen of basketball's past such as Yao Ming, Michael Redd, and Jamaal Magloire make the 2004 All-Star Game that much more memorable.

Former members of Minnesota Andrei Kirilenko and Brad Miller also appeared in the "contest", while former Gopher Voshon Lenard won the three-point shootout in a weekend that also featured former Wolves Chauncey Billups and Ricky Davis.

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