10 years since the playoffs: October 29


This is pretty straight forward Wolves faithful.

We don’t remember what it’s like to be a part of the NBA playoffs anymore, so in this continuing series, we’ll live vicariously through the 2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves, most likely once a week.

Its been two weeks since we last came to you, the inaugural in this season-long feature, and the second in our series marks opening night 2003.

The Wolves beat Milwaukee 95-89, with Kevin Garnett recording his first 20-20 game of the season, notching 25 points and 21 rebounds, while Sam Cassell added 18 points and nine assists.

The starting five, the fifth of which is hilarious, was Cassell-Hoiberg-Sprewell-Garnett-Michael Olowakandi. 6-foot-8 power forward Gary Trent added 14 off the bench, the first game of his last year in the league.

So what is the real story, the Wolves undefeated opening night or the opening night of Trent's farewell tour?

We did love Gary Trent...

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