2013 Vikings Schedule: 1 game set, 15 TBA (tonight)


We know who the Vikings are playing in 2013, but not exactly when.

That'll be cleared up tonight when the NFL releases the times, dates and network TV coverage for all of the games, Purple included.

Actually, the Vikings do have one game nailed down. It's on Sept. 29, against Pittsburgh ... a "home game" in London. CBS will air it, at noon CDT.

As for the rest, the away opponents are: Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, New York Giants, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Seattle.

The remaining home opponents are: Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland and Carolina.

NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert took time to list the home and away opponents for the Packers, Lions and Bears. He calls tonight "the NFL's offseason national holiday."

Pioneer Press writer Kevin Cusick tried to predict which Vikings games would get the prime-time treatment this year. We liked his take on the Vikings at Seahawks contest, which he considers a no-brainer:

If you noticed a couple of the Vikings' best players are missing, it's because they've emigrated to Seattle. Their touching reunion with the traded Percy Harvin and the departed Antoine Winfield is must-see TV. We're guessing this will be a very loud Monday night meeting in the Northwest.

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