21st century folklore: Minnesota-Nebraska rivlary's 'Bits of Wooden Chair' trophy

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The Minnesota and Nebraska game was the only Big Ten Heartland game without a trophy – until the Internet helped create one a few days before Saturday's tilt.

Behold, the "Bits of Wooden Chair" trophy:

Here's the play-by-play of how the unofficial trophy came to be – a story of 21st century folklore many Twitter users hope to be telling for years to come.

It started with a friendly wager on Twitter between @GoldytheGopher and @FauxPelini (a fake Nebraska Twitter account), according to SB Nation.

Then Goldy the Gopher reached out to Reddit users to design the $5-Bits-of-Broken-Chair-Trophy. That escalated into Minnesota creating the real thing.

And then winning it and carrying it off the field.

SB Nation notes the Bits of Wooden Chair Trophy was well received by both Nebraska and Minnesota fans, unlike some official trophies in the Big Ten, noting 94 percent of voters on The Daily Gopher blog say the trophy should exist.

And many on Twitter agree the Bits of Wooden Chair Trophy should stick around for awhile:

Some Twitter users have also reached out to University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler, hoping he'll officially endorse the Bits of Wooden Chair Trophy. He hasn't tweeted about the unofficial trophy yet, but he's looking forward to the Gophers bringing home a different piece of hardware:

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