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3 GIFs from Cowboys-Vikings that are just awesome


This world of moving pictures is so much fun.

Today we were treated to an exceptional amount of them as well, with Dez Bryant providing a few great moments and Adrian Peterson giving us the highlight of the game, if not the NFL week.

Here's Bryant losing his head (kind of literally) after picking up an offensive pass interference penalty.

He would then be flagged again. Yes, two penalties on one play. That's so Dez.

Jared Allen would enjoy the second penalty very much, and took the opportunity to let him know about it.

That smile from Jared makes us smile, even though he has just one tackle in the last two weeks combined.

Then there was Adrian Peterson's superhuman abilities on full display once again. The run speaks for itself, and you'll undoubtedly see it again on your favorite highlight show.

Adrian probably should've kicked the extra point, since Blair Walsh missed it. Still an incredible run, and you can watch it over and over again thanks to this great technological age we live in.

There's nothing funny about being 1-7, but there is definitely some hilarity that happens along the way.

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