3 things you need to know today at the Rio Olympics

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Wednesday was full of surprises led by American sprinter Justin Gatlin failing to qualify for the 200-meter final, meaning Team USA's best chance to unseat two-time defending gold medalist, Usain Bolt, is on the legs of LeShawn Merritt.

1. Bolt thinks Gatlin is too old

Gatlin told NBC's on-track reporters after the race that his ankle was tightening up on him, thus his third-place finish in the 200m. Bolt then told BBC Radio, via ESPN, that Gatlin is getting old.

"Everybody's in shock," Bolt said. "You can tell from the 100 meters he's getting old. It's a fact the older you get, the rougher it gets to double."


The best part of the race was watching Bolt and Canada's Andre de Grasse smiling at each other as Bolt slowed down a bit to let de Grasse catch up, only to finish just ahead of him.

2. Walsh Jennings wins bronze

Kerri Walsh Jennings and teammate April Ross responded with a come-from-behind victory over Brazil to win the bronze medal in beach volleyball. Walsh Jennings is 38 years old, so that might have been the last we see from her.

"To not get up for a bronze would be dishonoring our country," Walsh Jennings said, via the Washington Post. "It was a highlight of my career."

Walsh Jennings had never lost a match in the Olympics before losing to Brazil in the semifinals on Monday.

3. US women sweep the 100 hurdles

Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali and Kristi Castlin each were draped in an American Flag after taking the gold, silver and bronze in the 100-meter hurdles. Rollins and Ali were the clear gold and silver winners, but Castlin had to wait a few moments to know for sure she had medaled.

It's the first time Team USA has taken all three medals in a women's event.

Bonus. US men and women reach basketball semifinals

The US women's basketball team is set to play France in the semifinals today at 5 p.m. while the men's team will play Ricky Rubio and Spain on Friday after crushing Argentina in the quarterfinals.

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