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5 Super Bowl moments that fans only got inside the stadium

One of them is the camera catching Jimmy Fallon during a TV timeout.

With it being very likely that you saw all of the important stuff during the game, as well as the best Super Bowl commercials, we're going to give you a list of underrated happenings that you could've only seen with a ticket to the game. 

Some honorable mentions: 

  • One Eagles fan yelling "f*** Tom Brady" in the concourse after the game."
  • The $11 diet Pepsi and $17 cheeseburger and tater tots. 
  • The Super Bowl worker who saw Brett Favre by the elevator and hiked up his pant leg to reveal Green Bay Packers socks. Favre was not amused (the worker in the photo above is not the Packer-sock-wearing guy). 

5. Jimmy Fallon spills water all over his face

During the commercial break between the first and second quarters, the giant video board inside the stadium tracked down celebrities, including Bradley Cooper, Miles Teller, the cast from the hit TV show This Is Us, Joe Mauer, and an always ready to perform, Jimmy Fallon. 

4. Steph Curry wearing a Minnehaha Academy hoodie

We're not sure what Curry's connection to Minnehaha Academy is, but our best guess is that he might be connected to the school's sophomore basketball star, Jalen Suggs, who very well could have met Curry through USA Basketball. 

It also wouldn't be shocking to learn that Curry was simply paying tribute to Minnehaha Academy in response to the gas explosion that rocked the school last year.

3. Justin Timberlake's tribute to Prince from inside the stadium

While Timberlake's halftime show is getting solid reviews from TV watchers, the in-stadium experience left plenty to be desired. That said, the hologram of Prince was pretty awesome. 

2. Fans reacting to the Eli Manning/Odell Beckham Jr. commercial

Very few of the TV ads made it onto the big screen inside U.S. Bank Stadium, but the dirty dancing commercial with Giants stars Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. was greeted with a raucous laugh – even from Eagles fans. 

1. The final play of the Super Bowl inside the stadium

A lot of sports analysts are calling Super Bowl LII one of the greatest ever played, but considering a complete lack of defense and a relatively tame reaction from Eagles fans on the final play of the game, I'm not ready to give such a high ranking. It just felt underwhelming in person. 

Here's my video of the final play of the game and the immediate reaction from fans.

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