5 Terrible Twins stats (on Twitter)

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We can't fight it anymore.

Try as we might, the numbers are beyond piling up against our beloved Twins.

So, we're hopping on the bandwagon to point out a few numbers that epitomize the lost summer of 2013, via the Twitter machine:

1) 15. That's the number of victories the Kansas City Royals will have over the Twins this season if they win Thursday at Target Field. That's a record, according to Twins radio guy Kris Atteberry:

2) 15. Same number, different category. Pioneer Press writer Mike Berardino says 15 Twins position players have on-base percentages of less than .311. Ick:

3) 15. Again, that number. Berardino says that's the magic loss number from here on out to stay out of the 90s club:

4) 49. From Fox Sports North's Tyler Mason, The Twins have struck out 10 times or more in a game 49 times this year:

5) 1,122. That's the new Twins season strikeout record, set Wednesday night. Which everyone tweeted:

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