Tweet Fight! Giants teammates throw down, hug it out on Twitter

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The New York football Giants may be winless thus far in 2013, but that hasn't dampened the players' competitive spirit. Especially, apparently, with each other.

In a story that would have been completely unthinkable just 10 years ago in the world of sports, Pro Footballs Talk's Mike Florio reports that a Twitter fight broke out Tuesday night between Giants running back David Wilson and receiver Rueben Randle.

Florio notes that the exchange "at the time didn’t seem like good-natured fun." Was it? We'll let you decide.

Whoa, hey now, fellas, take it to the locker room. There's more:

@RuebenRandle get off twitter and get in your play book u bum

Easy now ...


And then a kiss-and-make-up moment:

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