A 1987 Twins World Series ring will be for sale Friday

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Minnesota Twins fans will have the opportunity of a lifetime when a 1987 World Series ring goes on sale at Pawn America on Friday.

According to Business Journal, the price of the ring won't be posted until 10 a.m. Friday, when it officially goes on sale. It is currently available to view at the Pawn America location on the east side of St. Paul at 1885 Suburban Ave.

Pawn America Regional Manager Karl Hattman told Business Journal the ring is "100 percent authentic." It belonged to a former member of the Twins front office, not a player. The ring has 15 small diamonds in the shape of the Twins "M" logo and is made up of about an ounce of gold.

A Pawn America store in Appleton, Wisconsin sold a 2010 Green Bay Packers championship ring for $10,000 last year, according to TMJ 4 News.

Championship rings going on sale isn't completely unusual. In fact, on Jan. 13, GoldinAuctions.com started auctioning off 12 championship rings of former players and will continue the auction through Feb. 7. The rings date as far back as the 1958 Baltimore Colts NFL Championship and as recent as the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII victory.

In 2012, former Timberwolves forward Antoine Walker sold his 2006 NBA Championship ring with the Miami Heat for $21,500. Despite earning $110 million during his NBA career, Walker declared for bankruptcy in May of 2010. Sports Illustrated has the details on his fall from greatness.

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