Bitter day for tailgaters, final game festivities at the Dome


A die-hard group of Vikings fans layered against the bitter temperatures as they gathered outside the Metrodome for one last tailgating party. The team hosts the Detroit Lions on Sunday in the final game at the facility. All fans attending the finale will receive a commemorative pennant.

KSTP reports that the day will be marked with an on-field ceremony featuring retired players and star running back Adrian Peterson.

MPR News reported that a sentimental group of about 6,000 fans gathered on the field Saturday night as part of the weekend-long farewell to the stadium. Jersey-clad fans tossed touchdown passes to each other in the end zone, posed in the prow of the inflatable Viking ship that players emerge from as they take the field, and peeked into the Vikings locker room.

WCCO reported that the fans who participated in the “Last Season, Last Call” event were Vikings season ticket holders.

FOX 9 reported that fans who want to take in the game can expect to shell out some bucks for the privilege. The station quoted local broker Ticket King, which found the lowest price for a last-minute ticket at $111, with a suite commanding as much as $18,850. (The suite holds 34 people, for an average of $554.41 per ticket.)

KSTP reported earlier that up to 600 private security guards will be on hand at the conclusion of the game; that's about a hundred more than at a typical game. Normally there are 60 off-duty police officers on hand but at Sunday's game there will be 110.The beefed-up force is on hand to prevent any any enthusiastic fans from trying to take down the goalposts or remove other pieces of the stadium as souvenirs.

The station reported that the team wants to avoid a repeat of the final game at Metropolitan Stadium in 1981, when fans stormed the field, tore down the goalposts, and ripped out seats.

Even though the Vikings never won a Super Bowl title at the dome, the building made other history as the the only facility to host a World Series, Major League All-Star game. Superbowl and the NCAA Final Four.

The new Vikings stadium is expected to be finished in 2016.

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