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A bounty on themselves? Urlacher says Bears faked injuries


The Vikings were already on the wrong end of one scandal surrounding injuries, the famous and much publicized New Orleans Saints bounty case.

Now we've come across a scandal of a different kind. The Saints aimed to injure opposing players, but apparently the Chicago Bears would rather "injure" themselves.

Former Bears linebacker and franchise-great Brian Urlacher says Chicago would fake injuries to slow down opposing offenses when he was a player.

Urlacher, in his new gig at not-getting-off-their feet Fox Sports 1, says a coach on the sidelines would make a motion of diving into a swimming pool, and the designated "dive-guy" would fake an injury on queue.

This is way too close to home for purple supporters, who knows how many times the Bears pulled this old trick? What if this infamous game was one of them? Who's ever heard of that explosive offense putting up only 10 points? The slow-down tactics must've worked.

OK, so we have no proof that happened in that game, we're still just bitter because of the game that followed.

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