A Minneapolis hotel is offering luxury Vikings tailgating (for $12,000) - Bring Me The News

A Minneapolis hotel is offering luxury Vikings tailgating (for $12,000)


It's almost football season. And what's football without the pregame tailgate parties?

Before you load up your purple-gold RV and pack a cooler of beer and brats, consider this: The Hotel Ivy’s Ultimate Tailgate Package.

You spend the night drinking fancy wine in a bi-level penthouse, a private limo brings you to the stadium, and then you enjoy the game from the 40-yard line. Seriously.

But tailgating in luxury comes at a price: $12,000 (plus tax).

Betsy Bartholomew, director of sales marketing for the hotel, told BringMeTheNews this is the first time they've ever done something like this for football.

And you can't find this package deal listed on Hotel Ivy's website. You have to call and specifically ask for it.

The details, if you're still interested

The Minneapolis luxury hotel's Ultimate Tailgate Package gets you six tickets to the Vikings vs. the Los Angeles Rams game on Sept. 1 – which, it's worth nothing, isn't even a regular season game. It's the Vikings' final preseason game, which means don't expect the team's starters to play.

The tailgating package is one night only and lands you the newly-renovated 1,900-square-foot penthouse – check it out here. It's complete with a full bar and rare wines, as well as three additional rooms.

If that's out of your budget, you can check out the stadium's expanded "Delta Vikings Village." It'll give fans a spot to celebrate and drink before and after games. And it's climate controlled so you don't have to worry about the weather messing with your RV.

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