A night to remember: UND hockey star takes his biggest fan to her prom

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Shayla Miller had never been to a school dance – until this past weekend when University of North Dakota goalie Zane McIntyre took her to her senior prom.

Miller, 18, has had a lot to overcome in her life – she was born with hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy and Goldenhar syndrome – but is always happy and energetic, despite undergoing 16-plus surgeries in 17 years, the Life in Shayla’s Eyes Facebook page says.

The Warren, Minnesota, native is also a die-hard UND hockey fan. And when her favorite player asked her to prom, she couldn't have been more excited.

“This was something really special to do with Shayla, who is a really absolutely incredible person, couldn't have shared it with a better person at all,” McIntyre told WDAZ.

McIntyre, dressed in his jersey, didn't bring flowers for Miller, WDAZ notes, but instead gave her memorabilia for her UND hockey collection.

The two snapped selfies, took a tour around town in a convertible, before heading to dinner and then the dance, where they drew the loudest applause of any couple during the grand march before they danced the night away.

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Miller told WDAZ the best part of her senior prom was hanging out with McIntyre, whom she calls her best friend.

McIntyre has met Miller several times through family and community events, and he says she's always been an inspiration to him. So when he found out Miller wanted to go to prom with him, it wasn't hard for him to say yes, the Grand Forks Herald reported.

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