A Timberwolves title in the next 5 years? Chances look bleak


The Timberwolves are off to another painful start to a season. At 5-19, the hopes of a young Wolves team making a playoff run seem to have already faded.

Reports are circulating that Minnesota has placed another veteran – this time Corey Brewer – on the trade block. It comes just months after the Wolves shipped Kevin Love to Cleveland for a package that included Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young.

It leads to the question: Will the Wolves compete for an NBA title anytime soon?

Nate Silver of 538 Sports took a look at that question for every team in the NBA. He based his calculations on ESPN's John Hollinger's Power rankings.

Hollinger ranks the Wolves at the bottom of the NBA. The math and science of how the calculations are generated get a bit intricate, but click here if you want to read how Hollinger comes up with it.

Silver found Minnesota's chances of winning an NBA Championship are pretty bleak – not just for this season, but for the next five. In fact, they have one of the smallest chances of any team in the league, based on the calculations.

Considering the 5-19 start for the Timberwolves, this isn't exactly shocking for this season, but Wolves fans yearning for a brighter future hope Wiggins can help turn around the struggling franchise.

According to Silver's numbers, though, it's unlikely to be a quick fix.

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