Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy don't seem to be getting along

Think things are bad for the Vikings? Check out what's going on in Green Bay.

Minnesota Vikings fans have barely noticed the struggles of their rivals to the east while caught up in the drama of their own four-game losing streak.

But one thing they won't want to miss is what appears to be a growing rift between Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy – apparently it isn't all sunshine and rainbows in cheesehead territory.

According to Pro Football Talk, the relationship between Rodgers and McCarthy is dangerously close to exploding or imploding and sinking the Packers' hopes for a return to the playoffs in 2016. The team is 4-5 right now.

The report notes Rodgers has been engaged in a passive-aggressive attack on McCarthy ever since Green Bay's loss to Indianapolis at home.

That seemed to escalate following Sunday's 47-25 loss in Tennessee.

"There has to be that healthy fear as a player that if you don't do your job they'll get rid of you," Rodgers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn. "I think we've all got to go back and the urgency's got to pick up, the focus has to pick up ... we've all got to play better, and that starts with me."

Rodgers' message seems to be simple – the team isn't playing for McCarthy. It's a message that appears to have put the coach on the defensive.

Is it time for the Packers to make a change? Former NFL quarterback/current analyst Chris Simms certainly thinks so.

Whether or not any moves are made remains to be seen. But if Rodgers and McCarthy don't clear the air, things could go south in a hurry for Minnesota's rivals.

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