Aaron Rodgers knows that what happened to Brett Favre in Green Bay could happen to him

This comes just a couple of days after Rodgers called out the Packers about another issue.

Life in Green Bay, as profitable as it has been for Aaron Rodgers, may not last forever.

In a brief chat with the Associated Press, Rodgers was quoted as saying: "I think you have to be humble enough to realize if it could happen to Brett, it can happen to you."

The Brett he spoke of is Brett Favre, who spent 16 years with the Packers before an ugly breakup landed him in New York with the Jets and eventually in Minnesota for two seasons. 

Rodgers has two years remaining on his contract with the Packers, but the fact that his $20 million salary was less than Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford in 2017, there's plenty of reason to believe the Packers will need to back up the Brinks truck very soon. 


Aaron Rodgers lets the world know he's not happy with the Packers right now

According to Pro Football Talk, there are rumors that Green Bay could try to agree to a lucrative contract extension with Rodgers before next season. 

Meanwhile, something to think about, Aaron: You're more than welcome to collect your coins for two more years and then head west like his buddies Favre, Ryan Longwell and Greg Jennings have done in recent years. 

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