Adreian Payne 'lowlights' set to Linkin Park music is so mean, but funny

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The Las Vegas Summer League is pretty much a bunch of NBA players who are rookies or second-year guys playing against a bunch of guys trying to convince a team to keep them on the roster.

In the case of Timberwolves backup forward Adreian Payne, his first game in the league last Friday wasn't exactly a thing of beauty. He shot 6-20 and missed a fair share of those shots close to the rim.

With that, someone made a lowlights video of Payne's performance set to the tune of Linkin Park's "Crawling."

Here's the video. Whether you laugh or cry, it's quite simply a really well done video.

By the way, by all accounts Payne is a great guy and he's dealt with a lot worse in life than someone making fun of him in a video. And everyone has bad days (or nights) at work.

But the video was funny enough we thought it was worth sharing.

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