Adrian Peterson answering questions on Reddit


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson teamed up with Wheaties and joined the Reddit nation for a fun session of "Ask Me Anything," a program Reddit uses to allow everyday people to ask celebrities questions. Here's a roundup of some of Peterson's answers.

Keep in mind, this is done in a chat room, so we're posting Peterson's answers just like he wrote them.

What do you think of new Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer?

"We are excited as an organization and we are excited about Coach Zim and the rest of the coaching staff. He has been a very successful coach and we are excited to have him here with us"

What was it like playing with Brett Favre?

"Brett was a great quarterback in the NFL and he did great things for us when he played for our team. I hear he is doing great things as a coach down there in Mississippi."

Should I take you if I get the first pick in my fantasy football draft this year?

"Do you want to win?"

Are you excited to play with rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater?

"We are excited about all three of our quaterbacks and Norv turner. We are looking forward to a great season. Thanks for your support and I am sure Green Bay will not let you back there now"

What was your backup plan if you didn't make it to the NFL?

"If you saw me swing the bat against Jennie Finch then clearly it was baseball"

Hey Adrian, how is your knee and can you rush for 2,500 yards this season?

"It is absolutely horrible...thanks for asking. Just joking...I feel great and the goal is to win a super bowl.....and if 2500 comes with it, then great.."

Another used asked Peterson how he would feel about using the photo below if he's on the cover of Wheaties again.

"Wheaties is the best and thanks for the suggestion"

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