Adrian Peterson expects a warm welcome back to U.S. Bank Stadium

"I don't see why it would be any other way."

Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson doesn't expect to hear any boo birds when he takes the field at U.S. Bank Stadium next Monday evening.

He told a gaggle of reporters at Winter Park on Thursday, "I think it will be a warm welcome. I don't see why it would be any other way. Ten years [I] played there; a lot of good memories," Peterson said.

He also touched on the fact that he was the face of the franchise and that he always gave the team 100 percent effort. 

"I don't think it took a rocket scientist to see that when I was on the field, that I was giving the max effort with everything I did."

There's no denying that Peterson is a sure thing for the Hall of Fame. 

He's the franchise's all-time rushing leader and was arguably the best player at his position for a multi-year stretch.

However NBC Sports' Colin Cowherd called him the most overrated NFL star in a decade. 

His numbers did not translate to wins and he was a one-dimensional running back, Cowherd argues.

ESPN's Jon Gruden, who will be doing color commentary for the Monday night matchup, doesn't see Peterson having much of a role because the Saints' offense loves to use a slew of running backs.

Regardless of the opinions of analysts, you can bet the Vikings defense is eager to tackle Peterson, as there are many veterans who've been waiting for that opportunity a long time.

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