Adrian Peterson: Gay teammate 'wouldn't bother me that much'


One would think Adrian Peterson would dodge questions about gay athletes as easily as he would a middle linebacker in pursuit.

But not the NFL MVP.

Peterson put himself back in what some call an "uncomfortable spotlight" Monday when he told the Daily Oklahoman web site that having an openly homosexual teammate "wouldn't bother" him that much.

Peterson did admit, though, that some aspects of having a gay teammate might make him uncomfortable.

“Simple things, as far as showers and things like that,” Peterson said. “But you know, I'm a grown man. There's things that I can deal with.

“I'll still high-five them. Pat them on the butt when he's doing good, and go on about my business.”

Last week, Peterson was asked about gay marriage in a radio interview, saying he "wasn't with it" ... but "to each his own."

Peterson told the newspaper that he was "surprised" by some of the harshly negative public response to his gay marriage remarks.

But he isn't about to change his mind.

“We have homosexuals who choose to live their life the way they do," Peterson said. "You know what? To me, that's fine. You can do that. If you want people to respect that, then just respect my view."

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