Adrian Peterson jokes, sings as he pushes the reset button on season


Adrian Peterson told reporters he was still fuming Wednesday following Monday night's 20-3 season opening loss to San Francisco.

"Yesterday, I was walking around, I had a frown on my face," Peterson said. "When I'm mad, you can see wrinkles up here [on my forehead]. I had those wrinkles all day yesterday. We had moved on, but I just hadn't moved on that quickly."

But Thursday any evidence of that was gone by the time he met with reporters. According to ESPN, before his press conference Thursday Peterson stopped by a group of reporters with a riddle.

"30 cows in a pen, 28 chickens. How many didn't?"

If you haven't figured it out, it's a play on words – the answer is 10.

But if the joking wasn't enough, Peterson also took a moment to belt out a few notes for a video Brian Robison was shooting for the team's website.

Ok, so it's probably a good thing Peterson is a football player.

As the Vikings begin preparing for their home-opener against Detroit, Peterson says the "reset button has been pressed and he's all focused in on Detroit."

Peterson had just 10 carries for 31 yards against the 49ers Monday. While he didn't want to talk about whether or not he felt like the 10 carries were enough, he wasn't sweating it.

Pro Football Talk notes that's probably a wise move by Peterson, because Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner has always been known to be very friendly to running backs.

Instead AP said he felt like he did just an okay job of staying patient in the backfield and is hoping to improve that for this week.

"Watching the film, I think there were some where I wasn't patient enough," said Peterson. "On some I was patient, but I have been looking at those and just trying to improve. Just making sure that I'm being more patient when it's time to be patient and hitting the holes when it's time to hit it."

Sunday's game against Detroit will mark a first for Peterson. It will be the first time he has ever played a game on TCF Bank Stadium.

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