Adrian Peterson reveals his secret identity on Twitter


Superman has Clark Kent, Batman has Bruce Wayne, and now apparently Donatello has Adrian Peterson... or is it Adrian Peterson has Donatello.

Well no matter how it works out, it's a secret no more.

In a post on Twitter Wednesday afternoon AP revealed himself to be none other than the ninjutsu trained, purple-mask-wearing, member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – which might explain some of the eye-popping moves the 31-year-old running back still possesses.

The Vikings hope Peterson can summon his inner ninja and help lead the the team back to playoff relevance. Some experts are labeling the Vikings as Super Bowl contenders coming off their NFC North Division Championship last year.

Another rushing title for Peterson could go a long way toward helping to make that a reality for the Vikings.

Peterson and the rest of the Vikings clan report to training camp in Mankato Thursday. According to ESPN, there's no word on whether AP or Donnie will show up in full turtle gear or not.

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