Adrian Peterson says complaints on leg pads are 'B.S.'

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Adrian Peterson has a message for fellow football players who are complaining about new NFL rules which require that they wear leg pads in 2013.

To borrow from KSTP's Joe Soucheray, we can condense it to two letters: B as in "B" and S as in "S."

That's what the NFL MVP told writer Mike Garafolo.

As Peterson put it: "You're a National Football League player. If a pad that doesn't weight but a couple of ounces slows you down, you don't need to be playing in this league. I'll call B.S. on that."

The league made extra padding an option last year, but mandatory this year. Non-compliance will result in $5,250 fines for a first offense, $11,000 for a second offense.

Why are players resisting?

In AP's opinion: "Guys like to be pretty."

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