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Adrian Peterson: 'I love all my kids with all my heart'


It was an emotional time at Winter Park Tuesday when Adrian Peterson walked back in the door for Vikings organized team activities. There were hugs from teammates and coaches as Peterson was welcomed back with "open arms."

"It felt good to be back in the building," Peterson told reporters during a press conference Tuesday. "To be back around the fellas, to be around the people that have been supporting me."

Immediately after his arrival at the Vikings practice facility, Peterson was welcomed back into the fold.

Peterson has been away from the Vikings since he was indicted last September on child abuse charges – missing 15 games last season and going through an tumultuous offseason scrutiny and speculation about his future.

Peterson gave a lot of credit for his return to Vikings coach Mike Zimmer.

"I'm happy where I'm at here with the Minnesota Vikings," Peterson said. "I absolutely love the coaching staff."

Through eight seasons with the Vikings, Peterson has rushed for 10,190 yards; the hope is that after nearly a year away from the game the former MVP will be fresh and ready to go.

"I'm going to be anxious, very anxious," Peterson told reporters. "I would have loved to have been out there playing. My body feels good, it feels fresh."

Peterson as a parent

Much of Peterson's press conference focused on him as a parent.

According to the Pioneer Press, Peterson has completed all conditions of therapy with his NFL suspension.

He acknowledged that he made a mistake by using too much physical force disciplining his son, and said the first person he apologized to was the boy.

Peterson added that the situation caused him to change the way he has disciplines his children, saying he has elected to use timeouts and taking toys away as alternative methods of punishment.

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