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Adrian Peterson's brother eyed in drug investigation


The brother of Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is being investigated as part of an ongoing drug case, FOX 9 reports.

Southwest Metro Drug Task Force conducted surveillance on the Eden Prairie town home where Ashton Stevenson, one of Adrian Peterson's 14 siblings, lives, FOX reported. Investigators said they suspect Ashton Stevenson took possession of a package of marijuana from California addressed to Stevenson's town home. It had been intercepted by authorities and was left at the town home by a detective posing as a FedEx driver, but Stevenson never opened it. The unopened package was found in the trunk of Stevenson's Mercedes, FOX reported. A small amount of marijuana was found in the town home, FOX said.

Stevenson was arrested May 31, but he was released 72 hours later without charges, FOX reports.

Stevenson denied knowing anything about the drugs to FOX 9. "This type of nonsense I don't need on my background or my brother's," Stevenson told FOX.

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