After Colts game, someone tried to sell U.S. Bank Stadium on Craigslist

The ad was posted in the wake of the Vikings' embarrassing defeat on Sunday.

After their embarrassing 34-6 shelling at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts, one fan decided the Vikings don't need their new stadium anymore.

A Craigslist ad, since taken down, was posted in the wake of the Vikings embarrassing home defeat under the title "Brand New Stadium For Sale."

The tongue-in-check ad tells shoppers: "We just had this stadium built for over a billion dollars, but really aren't using it."

Possible uses for the site? A new Super Target, a Golden Corral Buffet, or even a Vegas-style casino are all on table.

The seller also suggests "it would make a great crater if you decide to blow it up."

Those interested need to have "a billion dollars lying around," but if you don't, the seller would be willing to accept a couple of weeks of spring-time lawn mowing.

The Vikings' loss in what is the last home game of 2016 puts them at 7-7 and leaves their chances of a playoff spot hanging by a thread.

Rather than having it in their own hands, the Vikings are now relying on other teams to lose in order to make it to the post-season. In the meantime they'll have to beat the Packers at Lambeau Field on Christmas Eve and the Bears at home on New Year's Day.

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