After Super Bowl win, politics would be a snap for former Vikings center Matt Birk

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He's not throwing his hat in yet, but former Vikings and Ravens center Matt Birk has plenty of political supporters who want him to.

The Star Tribune reports Birk is getting calls to step into the political ring since his team won the Super Bowl and he stepped down from pro football.

The popular sports figure and entrepreneur does little to stop speculation of a run for office, saying 'the term ‘public servant' — that’s appealing to me.' He said Republicans in Minnesota are urging him to consider the race for Senate against Al Franken, or take on DFL Governor Mark Dayton.

Birk recently refused to travel with his Baltimore Ravens teammates to the White House because of supportive comments President Barack Obama made about Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions. He also spoke out against same sex marriage at a time when Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was garnering headlines taking on critics of gay relationships.

He played center for the Vikings for ten seasons before signing with the Ravens in 2009.

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